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Crafter's Bliss Basket

Item ID Starting Bid Bids Current Bid
108695 $30.00 2 $32.50

Winning Bidder

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Crafter's Bliss Basket:

  • 12 pattern scissors with holder;
  • 6x6 scrapbook;
  • 12x12 scrapbook;
  • various scrapbook backgrounds;
  • 3 packs embellishments;
  • 3 packs adhesive letters;
  • 8 packs decorative borders; 2" letter stencils; 2 pages adhesive quotes; 16 pages stickers;
  • scrapbooking DVD;
  • 3 letter stencil books;
  • 500 pages of scrapbooking ideas in a good old-fashioned book

Value $300